Gold River Home

Gold River Home

Gold & River Inc is the only distributor of Gold River Dome Homes in North America. With Patents in China and EU certifications, these homes are crystal clear, impact resistant, wildlife-proof, flame resistant, anti-freeze and crack resistant. Using materials by German company Bayer, our homes are made with the same materials commonly used in bulletproof glass and aviation grade aluminum alloys.

Gold River Home

GOLD & RIVER INC is the sole distributor of the LiveInside brand of Dome Homes in North America. In 2019 we obtained multiple patents in the EU as well as in China. Crystal Clear Transparency, high flame resistance (+200°F), antifreeze and cracking (-140°F), while being safe enough to meet international standards for baby bottles. We import our polycarbonate materials from the Bayer Company in Germany, the same materials used in bulletproof glass for high end vehicles and aircrafts. When you order a unit from us you can trust in its long lasting beauty and durability.

The Perfect Geodesic Dome Home

Our main polycarbonate material imported from Germany is covered with anti-UVA and UVB ultraviolet film inside and outside. Our curtains are mafe of soft nano-materials in various materials, and are easy to clean. According to your needs we have built-in and external restrooms which can be installed. Restroom floors are made of moisture-proof and quick drying materials. A silent 24-hour circulation system is often used indoors. The styles and shape of our units can be freely integrated with each other and can used to create beautiful outdoor areas like hotels, restaurants, and residential units.

Commercial uses in B&Bs, hotels, weddings, outdoor karaoke and offices, etc

Perfect for small VIP areas and restaurants

Reconnect with the outdoors. Low stress and high living

Security for your home

Gold River Home units use high-tech security measures in combination with traditional locks. The door, windows, and accessories are made using aviation grade aluminum alloys which are rust-resistant and easy to maintain. Screen doors and windows can be equipment with a stainless steel mesh to prevent insects. Suitible for commercial and private use. Talk with us and see how we can meet your needs.

Safety and Stability

With continuous development in the field, our polycarbonate materials have reached and met international safety standards to even be used in baby bottles. Widely used in camping, restaurant and other commercial uses we are excited for you to learn more about us. We would love to invite you to visit one of our locations, give us a call.

Available as New Oxford Cloth Tents

Beautiful Ethnic Styles

Sixth-Generation Dome Homes are now available

Gold River Dome Homes

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